About Us

· Arman Chemie Afrooz Engineering Co. is privately owned company established in Tehran, Iran in 1999.

·  The primary objective of the company was to produce and supply high quality chemicals for Textile & Leather industries.

 · We have grown up to one of the leading chemical suppliers for Iran market.          

·  We are importing, formulating and distributing a wide range of chemicals and polymers for different industries such as textile, construction, paint & resin, adhesive, paper, leather, and oil industries.

·  We are importing high quality raw materials as well as R-T-U materials from the international companies around the world (Europe, Asia, Africa).

 · We supply our customers with the ready to use products. We are also formulating some products according to market demands and supply in the market.

·  We are importing products mainly from Germany, Denmark, South Africa, Netherlands, China, Taiwan, India, and etc.